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US Says Accused Apple Secrets Thief Had a Classified Patriot Missile File

US Prosecutors Charged an engineer of Apple in January with theft trade secrets for a Chinese startup and a search of his house turned up something else. A classified file of the Patriot Missile Program owned by it’s ex employee Raytheon. The discovery has included a striking national security lapse in another common corporate espionage case, and the government says it is capable of keeping Jijong Chen under close scrutiny.

US Says Accused Apple Secrets Thief Had a Classified Patriot Missile File

Patroot documents were found in several electronic devices and paper files, including General Electric by former owners of the chain – some of which were “classified” according to government lawyers. he was preparing for a job. With an unknown antagonist.He has pleaded not guilty and has been out on bail of $ 500,00. But state prosecutors justify subjecting him to electronic monitoring of criticism of sensitive statistics in Maryland so that he does not disappear before his trial. Lawyers representing Chen and other former Apple engineers who are facing similar allegations – who are also fighting state prosecutors over the need to monitor the situation  the government is at risk of overreacting. Giving up, they will try to run away.

The 2011 document related to Raytheon’s most famous weapon was so secret that it was “not allowed to be kept outside safeguards outside the Defense Department,” the prosecution said on October 29, not before. Reported by C Media. The chain “holds, for more than eight years, illegally classified national security materials obtained from a former owner. How to draw a classified document in an engineer’s house. Questions arise, but they are not likely to be answered in open court in the hearing set on Monday. Both a lawyer and Chen’s lawyer declined to comment before the trial. A spokesperson for the raffian did not respond to a request for comment. After first expressing concerns about the evidence found in Maryland by public prosecutors, a magistrate judge agreed in March to increase the need for electronic surveillance to allow time for the government to investigate. He finally ordered an end to surveillance in October – and prosecutors are now asking a district judge to withdraw him.Chen’s lawyers say government prosecutors had plenty of time to present further evidence of criminal behavior. He also notes that the federal office that oversees the defense, concludes the inspection report that Chen now complies with all conditions of his release and has found a full-time employment.

Danielle Elms represents both Chen and Yang Zheolong, who also worked on Apple’s autonomous driving project before being arrested in July 2018, and leaked to China’s company to try on China’s Axmotors. Was planted. The lawyer presents an argument that goes to the heart of the cases against the two men: There is no evidence that Apple’s intellectual property was shared with a third party.

The government contends that Mr. Yang is at risk of flying because he is a Chinese citizen, unable to warrant GPS surveillance, “Elmos said in a filing. Young has no full-time employment, a new family, and no travel documents

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