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Google Maps Satellite Images Cover 98 Percent of World’s Population

Google Maps Satellite

Google has revealed it is captured 10 million miles of street view images until now for Google Maps. Google Earth house is 36 million miles of high definition satellite images that essentially covers 98 percent of the world’s population. Google Maps has added a new feature and Google Maps has quietly add a new feature and this new feature very useful for the electric vehicle userse around the world. The Google Maps Satellite is map of the world

Google Maps Satellite Images Cover 98 Percent of World’s Population

Good news for all Maps user you can search now EV charging situation and filter plug supposed. On Friday the Google company announced that Google Earth 36 million square miles of high definition satellite images now browse all peoples and its from various provider.

A fleet of street view cars through company collects street imagery and all street view car includes its own photo processing center. The Street view trekker, where driving isn’t possible and this type places a backup that collects imagery. Sheep, camels, boats through carried trekkers and even scout troops to gather high quality photos from multiple anfles and some of the hardest to map places around the world.

Photogrammetry to align is called technique and a single set of images. Google maps image show us cretically important details about an area like rivers, roads and buildings.Google map added a new feature these feature Name is EV charging plug filter. The app useers added the plug for their electric car supports.

Good news for all electric vehicle users if you can ride your electric vehicle after some time 0 percent your electric vehicle battery and you don’t now electric vehicle charging station location then Google search the next electric vehicle charging station near by your location

( Google Maps is very hit and popular app and Google provide useful mapping. Google crossed 154.4 million user. Google maps is most popular company and Google Map Satellite)


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